In preparation for playtesting with the prototype cards we set about writing a rules document.

It turned out to be nowhere near as easy as I thought it would be. Having been so close to the game for so long, it was surprisingly difficult to write instructions for someone coming at it cold. However an initial version was drafted and the playtesting began.

The positives were that the prototype cards were great – they played well, everyone could read them, and no-one struggled with the graphics.

The bad news was that the instructions were well below par. We had some heavily structured feedback forms which really helped us get a view of what was wrong with the instructions, along with doing an audio recording of each playtest which we listened back to afterwards to remind ourselves of the sticking points. It was so bad it made Matt’s hair grow the wrong way.

Another version was drafted and tested on different testers. Phew! Much better – still a way to go, but better, more intuitive, and more helpful.