It’s been awhile.

You’ve probably noticed that we launched our Wordstacker Kickstarter page on 18th May… We were fully funded after 59 hours. We’re blown away… we’re also a little bit exhausted. We had to prioritise our schedules to get as much as we could ready for the Kickstarter to be in the best shape possible at launch. We’ve still got things to produce, and we’re getting there.

We garnered a lot of support pre-launch and got an amazing amount of commitment from all sorts of people – Family, Friends, Playtesters, Former Colleagues, Old School Friends – a veritable smorgasbord of people from our lives. It’s humbling to get so much support. It may not seem like a lot of money to many people, but coupled with the time, the sharing on social media as well as the small investment, its great to feel we have the backing of so many.

We’ve begun to examine what our stretch goals might be, as we hope to be able to invest the monies from the campaign and extend its purpose. It’s a tricky one as to what to do next as we’ve several options… watch this space.

A massive thanks to those who have backed us already. We still need them to help get the message out there through word of mouth and social media and we need every single backer we can get. We’re doing what we can push the message out there with the resources we have, whatever you and your networks can do to extend our reach we’re incredibly grateful.

Click HERE for the link to our Wordstacker Kickstarter page

Thanks again for all your support… the Wordstacker Kickstarter will close on 17th June – we’ll do our best to keep reminding people, we know how busy you are.