Ingenium Games first prototype! The WordStacker Prototypes

So the day came when I received a forwarded email from Matt, in which he’d written the sole statement ‘S*** just got real’. This was in fact the email from our supplier saying that our first 10 sets of WordStacker prototypes would be arriving the following week. It was a slightly surreal feeling. After 4 years of development I was going to hold in my hands a finished game of WordStacker.

The following week Matt and I met up in the café of the Ashton branch of Ikea, where I would see the game for the first time. Matt took a small white box out of his bag and opened it. Inside were several WordStacker decks. To be honest it wasn’t the ‘big moment’ I thought it could have been. We’d both seen and signed off the artwork, and having spent so much time on it, there weren’t any surprises when they finally arrived. Also, building up to London Toy Fair in January meant we knew how much more there was to do, and this just felt like a step rather than a huge leap. We needed box artwork, and countless other things to make it a finished product. Still, we were both happy with it and there was perhaps a moment of ‘well, it’s arrived’.