Project Description




Scavengers onepointzero ™

Scavenge, survive and scarper!

Crack the code, collect the Tech and escape the ship to win the game. Be the bot with the most bounty and escape before the ship self-destructs!

Space pirates are lazy these days…  Some might say smarter…

No use in boarding vessels – there’s nothing to steal anymore.  The ships? -Worthless…

The cargo hold? Full of useless junk.

So what’s the treasure?

The Tech.

On board Artificial Intelligence – self-aware, constantly developing new Tech – now that’s worth something.

Technology rules the galaxy.

Their weakness? They get sick… and when AI gets sick you’d better have a big box of tissues because it gets messy!

Laboratory class space vessel “Moirai” is sick and has activated its self-destruct mechanism.


It’s attracted a swarm of pirate vessels ready to scavenge the best of the Tech before the vessel explodes. But how?

Scavenger Bots. Programmed to scavenge the best Tech in the galaxy. Hungry for code. Hoovering up the best for their Bounty Hunter masters… Break in and get out before the vessel takes you down with it!

Advance to 01011100 do not collect 10010011.