Way back in 2006, I met a really cool guy called Errol. He was a recruiter and had a job he thought was right up my street. I’d been working in TV as an runner/editor and also in DVD as a Producer.

I got the job… eventually. It took around 6 months by which time the job I had came to an end. I had 2 weeks off and I walked into Hasbro for the first time. For the next couple of years I met some of the most amazing people and worked on the coolest stuff (in my eyes anyway).

It came to an end in December 2008 when the recession also bit hard and made it practically impossible to get another job.

I took a new path returning to university and studying architecture and moving north to Lancashire to be nearer family. After a short tenure in an Interactive media company I managed to get a couple of jobs which allowed me to get by during university. I got familiar with my creative bones again, did a lot of drawing and learned some new software skills too.

We just got by during my time at university (I have the financial scars to prove it) and once I graduated, took the decision to go freelance – I’d grown a small network of people who trusted me and my work and so I became a designer.

I started my own design studio at the end of 2012 and we’re still doing some pretty nice stuff, everything from LEGO models, apps, a few websites as well as a number of illustrations and logos.

In mid 2014, I started working with a really top guy, Martin Williams, a copywriter of some distinction. We’d talked about our ambitions and he really noticed that when I talked about games… my passion really emerged. Sometime later in mid 2015, Martin introduced me to Anna, a Games Designer who was looking for some graphic design work for her games.

I remember our first meeting. Anna handed me the brief she’d written and made me sign an NDA. We looked through the games and it wasn’t long before I’d pretty much decided that I wanted in. Sure some money would have been helpful, but I saw much more potential in a relationship forming.

It took us around 6 months, some meetings, some heart-to-hearts, some more meetings and a meeting to agree we ought to pursue it.

So Ingenium Games lives. It’s just the beginning, so here goes…