[in your best ‘The Apprentice’ voiceover]
London Toy Fair. Anna and Matt arrived with stacks of WordStacker™ prototypes, a list of appointments, and high on enthusiasm. The build-up to the event of securing meetings was now done. A whirlwind of phone calls, calling people using the phone and phoning people with a telecommunications device had secured said meeting. Product now in place, Anna and Matt were hugely satisfied and ready for action.

[now without the the voiceover]
So we landed on our feet with accommodation with an apartment in Kensington, 5 minutes walk from the show. Monday morning and we dived straight in to the first of many meetings. By the Monday evening we were in need of fish and chips and a significant debrief of the day. Fortunately we managed both!

Tuesday came and went in a similar flurry of activity and meetings, except we ended the day with a thai…meal, and quite sore feet!

[in your best ‘The Apprentice’ voiceover]
Toy Fair was an intense collection of demos, meetings, conversations, and games for Anna and Matt.
WordStacker™ had been really well received with many compliments and much interest.

The ball might be rolling for these two entrepreneurs… Only time will tell!