As we got the website up and running and started to pull together some ideas on how to market WordStacker, it became clear that we needed images, not taken on an iPhone in a cave, we needed proper images by a proper photographer.

As it happens a dear friend of Ingenium, and playtester of many games, is exactly that.

Check out her website here!

Hearing of our need, and being the lovely person that she is, she offered to do a shoot for us.

In business parlance, we’re a start-up. We’ve invested our time and money in the product so at this stage we’re not too proud to say that we needed help. Free help from good people, family, friends and acquaintances who know how much we’ve put into it so far. So we acquired a friend’s super-glam house, some beautiful people, some enthusiastic people, some nieces and nephews and a variety of pizzas, snacks and pop… we set a date and whoosh – one photoshoot… ready to go!

9am on a Sunday morning people arrived (yes they gave up their precious Sunday mornings – we are lucky), and by 10am we were shooting. Lunch soon came and went and after a few quick trips to the tram station we were shooting again in a different part of the house.

All in all it was a really fun day with lots of laughs and lashing and lashings of pizza and pop. The end result is many, many fabulous images which we can now use on our website, this has been particularly useful for Toy Fair (watch out for the next blog about that).

We also got a lovely warm fuzzy feeling from all the good will and fun we had on that day.

Check out some of the photographs here

Thanks everyone!