Aside from the nitty gritty of starting a business, we needed to have, well, product. One of the games seemed most ready and prime for visual work to begin. WordStacker is a spelling game which I’d already done some sort of a graphical brief on. The trouble with my briefs is that they need to go to someone who’s able to interpret them. I just don’t have the visual flair to know how I want something to look. The best I can muster is ‘not like that’ and ‘like that, but different’. I gave Matt the ideas I had and withdrew to a safe distance to see what he could come up with.

Fortunately Matt rose to the challenge. Pretty early on he settled on the idea of triangles and diamonds as a theme, and once he showed me his initial concepts I was able to contribute to the process.

Biggest fail – I said ‘what about giving the cards red backgrounds?’ Matt gave them red backgrounds. They looked awful.
I said ‘they look awful’, and Matt said ‘Yeah, I thought they might’.

Lesson learned – Matt’s probably going to be right about the visuals.