While WordStacker is out in the big wide world trying to make an honest penny, we at Ingenium Games are moving on to the next batch of ideas and into design & Game Development.

It’s a slightly strange sensation to go from working on a finished and marketable product back to a desk draw full of sketches and handmade prototypes, but that’s what we’ve done over the last week. Seeing WordStacker in it’s infancy is like looking back over old photos…did my hair REALLY look like that?

The ideas we’re developing range from party games to tabletop games and selecting which to go with next is not a decision we’re taking lightly.

Nevertheless, it’s very satisfying to have ideas to choose from, and to toy with all the bits and bobs in the Development Drawer. There’s something very inspiring about a tub full of random counters, dice and sand timers (at least there is for us). The Development Drawer also serves as a reminder of the importance of keeping decent notes, as we flick through some ideas we realise we’ll need to go back a few steps to recreate whatever we thought we were doing at the time!

We’ll soon be playtesting and tweaking the next handmade prototypes and whipping our concepts into shape.

More news about the next game is coming soon!